Fridge Thirty-Six: Lindsay

By: Eve Martel

Nov 29 2010

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 3GS

Name: Lindsay

Age: 31

Profession: Copywriter

Favorite snack: “I love the full-fat Liberté Méditerranée yogurt, berries and granola. I can trick myself into thinking it’s ice cream. And I recently discovered apple slices and peanut butter. Why has no one told me about this taste explosion before? I’ve gone through a jar of peanut butter way too quickly for a person that isn’t a horse. Because horses like peanut butter, right?”
The last thing she cooked: “Me, personally? I made some popcorn on the stove last night and invented a butter and brown sugar and salt coating that was so awesome I can hardly even stand it. I think butter should just come with the brown sugar already in it. But the BF is roasting that chicken as we speak. It smells like Christmas in here.”
What’s the liquid in that blue-topped Tupperware: “That is the nectar of the Gods. Maple syrup. I find ways to include it in almost everything I eat: coffee, yogurt with fruits and granola (see above), oatmeal, salad dressing, face wash. Wait. No. Not really that last one. (Or maybe?)”
Oldest thing in this fridge: “A package of cheese fondue was in the running for about 4 years, but I recently threw it away and I think a jar of chocolate sauce on the door has taken the lead.”

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